B2B Success

Market research

  • How big is my potential market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland ?
  • Who are the key players ?
  • What profile has my key customer ?
  • Who are my main competitors ?

Market entrance

  • Where are my
           key customers ?
  • What is the right market
           approach ?
  • What is the right pricing ?
  • How should my sales organisation look like ?
    (Recruitment, Training)

Market communication

  • What is the best local message in the market ?
  • What is the right way of communication ?
    (Fairs, Print-Media; Events,
  • How should I translate my documents in german language ?

The company B2B Success as part of the B2B Cooperation has its main competence in all activities regarding the market approach in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Most of the foreign companies have the problem to identify the best business partner.

We are offering our support.

Are you investing a lot of money for fairs and exhibitions to meet somebody ?
Are you sure that this potential business partner is the best you can get ?

We will help you from inside the market.

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