B2B Support


  • Which are the main processes in the market ?
  • Which problems are not really solved yet ?
  • What is a unique solution ?


  • How is my product positioned in the market ? (Features, Advantages, Benefits)
  • What is the accepted value of my product ?
  • Which additional products do I need ?

Private Label

  • Who is interested in taking private label from me ?
  • Who is the right producer for private label products ?
  • How should a contract look like ?

The company B2B Support as part of the B2B Cooperation hat ist main competence in all activities regarding processes and products for industrial applications and craftsmen ship in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The way of working is very different from country to country. To identify the needs of your customer to verify how these needs and whishes can be covered from your product portfolio or perhaps how a product should be to be unique in the market.

Theses are our fields of compentence for external product management.

We will help you from inside the market.

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